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An original tale of the fantastic!

Mind's Eye is a fantasy series brought to you by the creative mind's at Lynnvander Productions, ME Entertainment and Synn Studios inc. It is a tantalizing tale of adventure, magic and imagination becoming reality as we follow a new class of superhero, the Dreamweavers.

The Pilot Season

Six Chapters blended together to give you a short run mini-series. This prelude is to prepare you for the five season arch coming soon...

What's all this buzz about?

The show doesn't end with just film, we have Short Stories, Web Comics, a Roleplaying Game, Video Games, Free Downloads, Merchandise and a Novel.

The Characters of the Pilot Season

Perceived good versus perceived evil is the name of the game. Can the chosen one rise above with the help of his superhero friends?

DVD's, Shirts and more...

Want some some swag? Grab a shirt from the show! Also you can get some free downloads too!